Beautiful :3

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"Ah, sí … Sí… Puedo sentirlos… Sentirlos quemarse""Oh yeah… yeah.. I Can feel Them… Feel Them burn".

Lo sé, es algo tétrico pero hay veces que así nos sentimos o que queremos mandar a todos a la mierda - I know it’s something creepy but there are times when we feel like that or we want to send everyone to sheet.



I’ve been chipping away at this one, bit by bit, for a few weeks. Living with the official Naga model, my dog, was certainly a big help. He often strikes a majestic, epic pose on the porch, staring into his vast domain. This is a tribute to him, the quiet observer.

I Like this serie n.n

Me encantó esta canción :3

Love this song :3

Es de una página en Face, creo se llama Pixiv.

Is from a page on Facebbok, i think his name is Pixiv.

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Lo saqué de una página en DevianArt.

I found it in a page in DevianArt.

Página/Page—> Gabrielleh

Lloviendo por mi casa :D

Raining by my house :D